You decide through your ambition, diligence and commitment how your business will develop as a sales partner with Vegas Cosmetics.

You set the pace!

Who doesn’t dream of being their own boss? To be financially independent and lead a self-determined life?

Your advantages as a business partner:

  • You can purchase our high quality products at purchase prices
  • Profit margin of up to 40% through referral business
  • 1-2 days delivery time
  • No risk, due to 2 weeks right of return
  • No expensive warehousing
  • No high turnover necessary, therefore no pressure
  • Individual training concepts tailored to your needs
  • You determine your earnings with your commitment

In addition to the trading margin of up to 40%, you will receive a refund on your monthly purchases.

In addition, you will receive a monthly bonus on sales of your sales partners:

100 € – (  3%)
250 € – (  6%)
500 € – (  9%)
750 € – (11%)
1.000 € – (14%)

2.000 € – (17%)
4.000 € – (19%)
6.000 € – (21%)
8.000 € – (23%)
10.000 € – (25%)

Please refer to the Business Guide for exact details on the marketing plan, e.g. car bonus, etc.

To the marketing plan

You are also welcome to send us your data and the first order by telephone or in writing. We will then be happy to register for you. By registering with Vegas, you are not taking any risks or other obligations. There is no minimum turnover obligation or purchase obligation.

For questions and further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to hearing from you!