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Hello, my name is Vivi Schmidt, founder of the Vegas Cosmetics Beauty Team and I have made it my business to place high-quality products attractively on the market and to take people by the hand who want to make a successful career.

I am regarded as a rousing team player who is fully committed and puts his heart and soul into his work and always strives to expand his skills. In addition, I see it as my chosen goal to support my partners in their development and to encourage them to recognize their potential.

Especially my time at the radio as well as in the purchasing department of a large trading company shaped me very much and help me to go ahead solution-oriented.

I am an absolute friend of horizon-widening symbioses and will continue to keep my eyes and ears open in various areas to implement new projects with great people.

Maybe even with you?

Sincerely your Vivi

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Quality. Quality that gets around …
Passion. The passion, which you experience day after day …
Know How. Experience and knowledge …
Flexibility. No matter where you are, I will pick you up!
Income. A self-determined income …

1. Quality

Quality that gets around and connects people.

2. Passion

Passion that inspires and motivates you day after day.

3. Know How

Experience and knowledge that strengthens you and takes you to the top when you want it.

4. Flexibility

No matter where you are, I’ll pick you up! Flexibility that adapts to your needs.

5. Income

A self-determined income that makes small and big dreams come true.
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